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As we evolve as a team the software footprint increases in complexity. This article aims to provide a baseline of third-party software components (and the relevant versions for the current season). The versions listed here relate to the 2018 season (Jan 2018 +) and we can expect at least some of these to shift during the build season.

NOTE: if any updates are made to this page during the build season please notify the entire software team by email when you make the change.

Software versions for development and deployment of our C++ based robot code:

  • NI FRC Update Suite: 2018.1.0 (see:
  • FRC Driver Station version number 18.0 (shipped in FRC updates package)
  • Eclipse FRC Development Plugins: 2018.3.3 (see dates on files listed there and in site.xml there for the version)
  • FRC RoboRIO C++ Toolchains: 5.5 (see
  • FRC Radio Configuration Utility: 18.1.0 (follow "FRC Radio Configuration 18.1.0" link on
  • WinPcap: 4.1.3 (see
  • Eclipse CDT: 4.7.0 (Oxygen) (see
  • CTRE Phoenix Framework: (see [NOTE: new versions posted to CTRE website 20-Feb (v5.3.0.0) and 26-Feb] - too late to test do not use these versions this season - release notes available here:]
  • MinGW: 5.3.0 (see
  • NavXmxp 3.0.347 (see
  • JDK: (see

On the Robot:

  • RoboRIO image version: FRC_2018_v17 (shipped in FRC updates package)
  • CAN device firmware versions:
    • Talon SRX: 3.3 (see [NOTE: new versions posted to CTRE web site 20-Feb (v3.8) - too late to test - do not use these versions this season]
    • PDP: 1.40 (see
    • PCM: 1.65 (see

Additional software:

  • GRIP: 1.5.2 (see
  • MobaXterm: 10.4 (alternative for putty+xming) (see
  • YawCam:0.6.0 (see
  • GIT: 2.15.0 (see
  • Strawberry Perl: (see

The development environment now has many moving parts so we will now deploy the above using chocolatey - contact the author of this page for a distribution of self-contained chocolatey packages:

  • 7zip.install
  • arduino 1.8.5
  • autohotkey.portable
  • chocolatey 0.10.8
  • chocolatey-core.extension 1.3.3
  • ctrephoenixframework
  • ctretoolsuite
  • eclipse
  • frcradioconfig 18.1.0
  • frctoolchain 5.5
  • frcupdatesuite 2018.1.0
  • git 2.15.0
  • git.install 2.15.0
  • grip 1.5.2
  • jdk8 8.0.152
  • legomindstormsev3 1.3.1
  • mingw 5.3.0
  • MobaXTerm 10.4
  • navxmxp 3.0.347
  • StrawberryPerl
  • WinPcap
  • yawcam 0.6.0