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Title Category Description Initial point of contact Who is interested?
Software Project Architecture Software Reorganisation code structure for more efficient reuse and speedier development. Liam  
Scouting application Software Software for use at competition by IC. Likely mobile based client with web back end. Maybe open source for all teams? Need better methods for defence ratings. TBA  
Multi Axis Arm Hardware and Software Two projects in one! Hardware project to design and construct the arm then software to get it under control! TBA Dhiluka / Connor
Workshop Code Project Software Software project to develop a gui / dashboard driven system to provide basic motor, actuator control plus electrical and pneumatic testing in the workshop with no compile or deployment of new code :).   TBA Alex 
Robot in 3 hours Hardware and software Proposed project to enable us to visit new teams and get them going - hardware aspect is to define the tools and parts required and software to develop 3x out of the box projects (C++, Java and Labview). TBA  
Pit structure Hardware Design, make or buy TBA  
Robot Trolley 3.0 Hardware Recent trolley enhancements have demonstrated that we have been missing this huge creativity opportunity  Mitch Mitch / Dhiluka
Control System Design Notes Control Notes to describe stuff that works plus preferred electrical and pneumatic components and solutions Ian  
Develop image processing pipeline that can guide drive base toward target Software Use image processing to select Motion Profile Arc or Motion Magic Arc and drive robot to fully automate hatch loading from 2m. Kiki  Kiki/Alex/Jeff
Investigate sensor suite Control Identify super set of sensors, sources, pricing and documentation for permitted FRC devices. For example, cameras, ultrasonic, lidar etc. TBA  
Website review and rework Business Strategic review of website purposes and rework to suit.  Sara J  
Driver Station Operations All-in-one case and controls Max Dhiluka / Max
Hardware smarts Hardware Research sources for smart mechanisms Paul  
Alternative manufacturing techniques Hardware Trial alternative robot frame construction methods (e.g. welding) Luca  
Alternative drive train options Hardware Research alternative drive wheel configurations, gearboxes (e.g. PTO and/or shifter) Max  
Skills workshop - safety All Workshop and demo and competition safety procedures. Meg All, mandatory
Skills workshop - CAD Hardware Inventor and GrabCAD skills development   Sam / Connor / Alex / Kiki
Planning and strategy All Develop plan and approach to 2020 build and competition season Darcy Darcy / Connor