FRC team 5584. Est. 2014



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Come and join us at one of our Robo Camp workshops! Held at three locations across the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Register on our website now!

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Our Sponsors

The companies that support our team to run each season and are helping us promote a bright future for STEM in Australia. 

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Three levels of robot demos that we can accommodate are:

  • OPTION#1: static robot display - robot free standing on the floor or on a stand, no power sources attached
  • OPTION#2: powered but robot on chocks - robot can perform all operations except for movement across the floor
  • OPTION#3: robot on mini-field - barriers between humans and robot - robot is fully operational and interacting with field elements

If you are interested in a demo and/or want to run one please contact outreach director (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Checklists for these three options:

Safety / risk assessment (option#1) x1 Y N N
Safety / risk assessment (option#2) x1 N Y N
Safety / risk assessment (option#3) x1 N N Y
Robot x1 Y Y Y
Robot bumpers x1 Y Y Y
Robot sponsor panels x3 Y Y Y
Battery x3 N Y Y
Robot battery charger (and adapter) x1 N Y Y
Robot trolley x1 Y Y Y
Fire extinguisher x1 N Y Y
Battery split kit x1 N Y Y
Cargo ball x3 Y Y Y
Hatch panel x3 Y Y Y
Chocks (for robot transport and display) x2 Y Y Y
Safety glasses x20 N Y Y
L1 HAB x1 N N Y
L3 HAB x1 Y/N Y/N Y
Field barriers x6 N N Y
Ratchet straps (for field and transport) x4 N N Y
Field barrier locks x6 N N Y
Crowd control yellow safety chain x2 Y/N Y Y/N
Crowd control posts x6 Y/N Y Y/N
Carpet tiles (4 per sqm) x144 N N Y
Driver station laptop (+ charger) x1 Y/N Y Y
XBox controller x1 Y/N Y Y
2" Cloth tape rolls x2 N N Y