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As we evolve as a team the software footprint increases in complexity. This article aims to provide a baseline of third-party software components (and the relevant versions for the current season). The versions listed here relate to the 2021 season and we can expect at least some of these to shift during the build season.

NOTE: if any updates are made to this page during the build season please notify the entire software team by email when you make the change.

NOTE: Currently being updated, cyan highlights are NOT up to date.

Core Software versions

These components are required by all IC software team members:

Third party libraries and software

Additional components required by IC software team members to compile and deploy the robot code:

  • CTRE Phoenix Framework
    • DESCRIPTION: Contains TalonSRX/Victor SPX Libraries and Phoenix Tuner program for configuring CTRE CAN devices
    • VERSION: (5.19.4 in VsCode)
    • UPGRADE NOTES: upgrading from | | | => - no need to uninstall old version, just install new version with default selections over the top of the existing installation, no restart required. To access the new library in your vscode project right-click on build.gradle file and select "Manage Vendor Libraries" > "Check for updates (offline)". The new version should be listed, tick the checkbox and select OK, we will need to do this once for each project under source control (i.e. project stored in GIT).
    • ACCESS: Download from 
    • ACCESS: Download from
    • LATEST (checked 20200201)
  • REV Robotics SPARK MAX C++ API
    • DESCRIPTION:  Libraries for SPARK MAX Motor Controller
    • VERSION: 1.5.2
    • INSTALL NOTES: unzip into the C:\Users\Public\wpilib\2021 directory (take care here and check that you end up with new folder at C:\Users\Public\wpilib\2021\maven\com\revrobotics\... AND a new file at C:\Users\Public\wpilib\2021\vendordeps\REVRobotics.json)
    • DOWNLOAD: 32.9 MB
    • ACCESS: Download from 
    • **LATEST 1.5.4 (checked 20200201)
  • REV Robotics Color Sensor V3 
  • REV Robotics REV Hardware Client
  • REV Robotics SPARK MAX Client
  • KauiLabs NavXmxp

Electronics firmware versions on the robot:

Optional PC software (as required):