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Well, what a day. Yesterday the boys successfully delivered the core values, technical design and project presentations which went reasonably well, actually they went really well. Today started with low spirits after a disastrous practice robot round followed by a missed practice round in the afternoon. We were still trying to work out what was going on / wrong when we were called up for the second practice round - the team decided to skip the practice as it would be of no value with the robot in the state it was. All four programs were running well below normal success rates. At the end of yesterday we were no further advanced with the diagnosis of the problem and a barbque with a local St Louis team provided us with a useful distraction for the evening after a long long day.

An early start this morning and we went back to basics to run some simple tests to try to isolate the problem. It turns out that one of the main drive motors was not running consistently. Some speedy repairs had a spare motor and two new half axles installed and most of the issues we had seen the day before were resolved. It looks like ARBY did not cope with the journey up to the northern hemisphere too well!

Scores in the real robot rounds improved progressively as the day rolled on and the wheel calibration was completed. Some last minute programming which we ran out of time to test caused the first round to stuff up completely, we only scored 60! Fixing the programming errors just in time for round 2 lifted the score to 180 ... at last the team had some runs on the board! The last competition run scored 360 and everyone was more than happy with that. It was not the 500 we were targeting but given where we were at the begining of the day this was an excellent turn around! This placed i c robotics in the mid 30's, or about half way up the field for the robot rounds.

Tommorrow we should see how we did overall ...