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World Class Project

Our project this year is ICeBlocks!

Inventions Club eBlocks are designed to improve the way kids learn basic arithmetic, by helping them enjoy themselves when they have previously struggled.

Different people learn effectively in different ways, although some kids are fine with traditional teaching methods. Kinesthetic learners need to have a tactile element to their lessons. The hands on experience of Ice blocks as well as the positive reward sounds and laughs for a correct answer is perfect learning tool for these kids.

Please download our project presentation for more information: project presentation

Sample EV3 Programs

The following sample programs are provided to illustrate a solution to a particular problem. They have posted here for the benefit of all, we hope you find them useful! They certainly won't be the only way of solving the problem and they may well not be the best way of solving the problem but they work for us ...

1. Wall banger

Does your robot stall when it hits a wall? Take a look at wallbanger.ev3 to see how you can detect a stalled motor. This program also shows how a timeout can be used to prevent a robot getting stuck with wheel spin.

Our New Robot for 2013.... ROOFUS!!

ICRobotics New Robot - ROOFUS

ROOFUS is the newest edition to the icrobotics team. With its new ev3 brick,sensors and motors its the best robot since the ARBY series. With experience from building our robot last year we new we had to design this robot with a lot more in mind. Like even weight distribution, A new power take off unit, Shrouding around color sensors and so on...

Here are some photos of our brand new ROOFUS series robot!alt



Results from Word Festival in St Louis

Ok, so what happend to all those awards? Well, unfortunately none of the 41 are headed our way :(

With only 80 teams we had a 50% chance of catching one but not so. A pity, but that's probabaly a reasonable outcome given that this was the first FLL season for I C Robotics!

Judges Award - Rising Stars Winner 16700 - ROBOT LEAGUE KIMBERLY Colombia
Judges Award - Doorway to the Future Winner 17000 - Hayovel Seeds Israel
Robot Performance 3rd 3237 - Heat It Up and Keep It Cool Robotics California, Los Angeles, USA
Robot Performance 2nd 15950 - mindfactory Switzerland
Robot Performance 1st 16550 - China Compass China
Robot Design - Strategy and Innovation 3rd 15850 - VTen Hong Kong
Robot Design - Strategy and Innovation 2nd 4846 - Automaticus Rex Kentucky, USA
Robot Design - Strategy and Innovation 1st 15950 - mindfactory Switzerland
Robot Design - Programming 3rd 105 - LEGO Pie-on-Ears Oregon, USA
Robot Design - Programming 2nd 15900 - SAP ReMovers Germany
Robot Design - Programming 1st 17200 - Dawn of Innovation 3 Lebanon
Robot Design - Mechanical Design 3rd 17050 - ROTATECH Turkey
Robot Design - Mechanical Design 2nd 16150 - Falcons JAPAN Japan
Robot Design - Mechanical Design 1st 16000 - Epunkt e. Germany
Judges Award for Resource Conservation Winner 16750 - Roots Pakistan Pakistan
Judges Award for Determination Winner 17150 - VIARO Spain
Project - Research 3rd 3340 - Century Strikers Illinois, USA
Project - Research 2nd 1721 - The Crazy Pizza People Michigan - White Lake, USA
Project - Research 1st 951 - RoboThunder Utah, USA
Project - Presentation 3rd 81 - YOUNGlings Arkansas, USA
Project - Presentation 2nd 5822 - Saints California - South, USA
Project - Presentation 1st 237 - All Saints Academy Rhode Island, USA
Project - Innovative Solution 3rd 8187 - VESH California - North, USA
Project - Innovative Solution 2nd 13129 - Infinite Minds Texas - Southwest, USA
Project - Innovative Solution 1st 5993 - Argonaut Cats Maryland, USA
Young Adult Mentor Winner 81 Peter Tucker YOUNGlings Arkansas, USA
Young Adult Mentor Winner 116 Proud Heng The Bee's Knees (WHS Robotics) California - Los Angeles, USA
Core Values - Teamwork 3rd 16250 - NXTage India
Core Values - Teamwork 2nd 5777 - iMoe Robotics Nova Scotia, Canada
Core Values - Teamwork 1st 3985 - World Changers Iowa, USA
Core Values - Inspiration 3rd 9227 - Robot Geeks South Dakota, USA
Core Values - Inspiration 2nd 979 - Arthridroids Alaska, USA
Core Values - Inspiration 1st 15700 - SAP Grey Matters South Africa
Core Values - Gracious Professionalism 3rd 1880 - Mindstorm Maniacs I North Dakota, USA
Core Values - Gracious Professionalism 2nd 10299 - Taz Bots Renegades Florida, USA
Core Values - Gracious Professionalism 1st 405 - Bremen Botz! Indiana, USA
Adult Coach/Mentor Award Winner 7098 Tiffanie Eyre Geek Squad Washington - East, USA
Adult Coach/Mentor Award Winner 742 Denny Davis ROBO RAIDERS Missouri - East,USA
Champion's Award 3rd 742 - ROBO RAIDERS Missouri - East, USA
Champion's Award 2nd 16850 - SESI ROBOTICS SCHOOL Brazil
Champion's Award 1st 16100 - Untitled 1 United Kingdom

Nature's Fury Project

This year we came up with a solution to locate firefighters and their assets in emergency situations. For the first couple of weeks we each came up with an idea and then put them all together to pick the one we thought was best.

We came up with about half a dozen different ideas and ended up choosing "Liam's Mobile Mobile Towers". This solution was to try to locate everybody in a large emergency situation.After sending our ideas to the Country Fire Authority (CFA) and also to Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI) we decided to develop the idea of our Mobile Mobile Towers (MMT).

Next we created a name for our system which is Firefighter and Asset Systematic Tracking or (FAST). This system uses a mobile unit built into the helmet and protective clothing of firefighters and is installed in vehicles and machinery. This battery-operated unit sends real time location data to the mobile phone network that is then sent to the fire control officer who can keep an idea of where all of the members of firefighting groups are, as well as directing them to areas to protect other people and properties.

What we might do differently next time

So, here are a few things we might do differently next time around.

We might create a bigger team (perhaps 7 or 8) and assign people with specific jobs such as "Project Development", "Robot Building", "Programming" and maybe all put in for Technical Design. We could meet up twice a week for longer periods of time and discuss how much progress we've made weekly.In addition we could gain more information for the project by talking with more people.

We would bring a trolley to transport lego safely from the pits to the competition boards and possibly our own challenge mat so we weren't restricted to 5 min intervals near the pit area. Next time we would make sure our robot wasn't transported with its axles and wheels on(we managed to bend our robots axle at the competition). We might aim for a more realistic score to get better reliability and talk with a few more teams for Core Values.




Update from World Festival in St Louis

Well, what a day. Yesterday the boys successfully delivered the core values, technical design and project presentations which went reasonably well, actually they went really well. Today started with low spirits after a disastrous practice robot round followed by a missed practice round in the afternoon. We were still trying to work out what was going on / wrong when we were called up for the second practice round - the team decided to skip the practice as it would be of no value with the robot in the state it was. All four programs were running well below normal success rates. At the end of yesterday we were no further advanced with the diagnosis of the problem and a barbque with a local St Louis team provided us with a useful distraction for the evening after a long long day.

An early start this morning and we went back to basics to run some simple tests to try to isolate the problem. It turns out that one of the main drive motors was not running consistently. Some speedy repairs had a spare motor and two new half axles installed and most of the issues we had seen the day before were resolved. It looks like ARBY did not cope with the journey up to the northern hemisphere too well!

Scores in the real robot rounds improved progressively as the day rolled on and the wheel calibration was completed. Some last minute programming which we ran out of time to test caused the first round to stuff up completely, we only scored 60! Fixing the programming errors just in time for round 2 lifted the score to 180 ... at last the team had some runs on the board! The last competition run scored 360 and everyone was more than happy with that. It was not the 500 we were targeting but given where we were at the begining of the day this was an excellent turn around! This placed i c robotics in the mid 30's, or about half way up the field for the robot rounds.

Tommorrow we should see how we did overall ...