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Sample EV3 Programs

The following sample programs are provided to illustrate a solution to a particular problem. They have posted here for the benefit of all, we hope you find them useful! They certainly won't be the only way of solving the problem and they may well not be the best way of solving the problem but they work for us ...

1. Wall banger

Does your robot stall when it hits a wall? Take a look at wallbanger.ev3 to see how you can detect a stalled motor. This program also shows how a timeout can be used to prevent a robot getting stuck with wheel spin.

Results from Sydney National 2014

Here are IC Robotics results from the Sydney National Competition 2014!!

Overall Placings:

1: Project Bucephalus

2: IC Robotics

3: The Flying Pigs



Mechanical Design

World Class Project

Our project this year is ICeBlocks!

Inventions Club eBlocks are designed to improve the way kids learn basic arithmetic, by helping them enjoy themselves when they have previously struggled.

Different people learn effectively in different ways, although some kids are fine with traditional teaching methods. Kinesthetic learners need to have a tactile element to their lessons. The hands on experience of Ice blocks as well as the positive reward sounds and laughs for a correct answer is perfect learning tool for these kids.

Please download our project presentation for more information: project presentation

Nature's Fury Project

This year we came up with a solution to locate firefighters and their assets in emergency situations. For the first couple of weeks we each came up with an idea and then put them all together to pick the one we thought was best.

We came up with about half a dozen different ideas and ended up choosing "Liam's Mobile Mobile Towers". This solution was to try to locate everybody in a large emergency situation.After sending our ideas to the Country Fire Authority (CFA) and also to Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI) we decided to develop the idea of our Mobile Mobile Towers (MMT).

Next we created a name for our system which is Firefighter and Asset Systematic Tracking or (FAST). This system uses a mobile unit built into the helmet and protective clothing of firefighters and is installed in vehicles and machinery. This battery-operated unit sends real time location data to the mobile phone network that is then sent to the fire control officer who can keep an idea of where all of the members of firefighting groups are, as well as directing them to areas to protect other people and properties.