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Creating a GitHub Account

After you have joined I C Robotics FRC Team 5584 you can be added to our GitHub project (see:, before you can join the project you will need a GitHub account, if you don't have one already then ...

(a) Using your favourite browser navigate to:

(b) Select "Sign Up" in the top right corner

(c) Enter a unique username, the website will prompt you if the name you want to use has already been taken and/or contains characters that are not permitted

(d) Enter a valid email address, preferably your own as you will need to validate it later :)

(e) Enter a password that you can remember and then select "Create an Account"

(f) When you receive the validation email, follow the instructions in it to complete your account creation!

(g) Send an email to the icrobotics GitHub lead (that is Ian at the moment) and ask to be added to the team project

(h) Once that has been completed you will be able to push to as well as clone and pull from the icrobotics repositories on GitHub

Check you can login and logout of GitHub

(a) Using your favourite browser navigate to:

(b) Select "Sign In" in the top right corner

(c) Enter your GitHub username or the associated email address and the password that you used when you created your GitHub account

(d) Click on the down arrow next to your profile icon (top right corner) and select "Sign Out"


Creating a git clone on your windows PC

(a) Check whether git is installed on your PC by typing "git --version" in a command prompt

(b) If it is not installed then download the latest package by selecting the button for your operating system at and then install using defaults

(c) Run the following commands to setup your environment (replace XXXX with your GitHub login id (e.g. joeblogs) and YYYY with your email address (e.g. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) ...

  mkdir \scm
  mkdir \scm\icrobotics
  cd \scm\icrobotics
  git clone
cd frc git config --global XXXX git config --global YYYY

(d) You can now navigate into the directory structure that has been downloaded (either via the command line or your window explorer)

(e) You can also start work modifying the files as you would normally:

  • If they are java or c++ source files then you may edit them directly using a text editor or via and IDE like eclipse.
  • If you are developing your robot code using Labview then start Labview and select the project file at c:\scm\icrobotics\frc\software\labview\
  • If using eclipse with C++ then start eclipse and set the workspace as c:\scm\icrobotics\frc\software\cpp. You can import existing projects via File > Import > General > Existing Projects Into Workspace, set root directory as c:\scm\icrobotics\frc\software\cpp, tick the project to import then select Finish.
  • The process is similar for Java projects (although we don't have any at the time of writing this article) you should be able to follow the C++ instructions but just use c:\scm\icrobotics\frc\software\java instead.

(f) You should commit your changes at least once every day that you are working on the software. This as simple as ...

  cd \scm\icrobotics\frc
  git add --all
  git commit --all -m "task 9999 : brief description of changes"
  git pull
  git push

... in the last step you will be prompted for GitHub username and password, if this happens repeatedly and is getting to you then see below for a method to record your password. The above sequence of commands will create a change set and synchronise your local repository with the repository on the GitHub.

NOTE: (revisit this note when we have set up a new task management system) by placing the reference to the appropriate task ID in the commit comment you are telling GitHub to associate the change set with that task work item. If you navigate to the Links tab of that work item in the GitHub you will see there is now a link to the change set :)

(g) If you get fed up with retyping username and password you can save them in a file at %USERPROFILE%\_netrc. The file needs to contain (AAAA and BBBB are the username and password that you use to sign into jazz hub) ...

  login AAAA
  password BBBB

and check that HOME environment variable is defined, if not then set with ...


and check that the _netrc file is indeed called _netrc and not _netrc.txt ...

  dir %HOME%\_*
  move %HOME%\_netrc.txt %HOME%\_netrc