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Our Sponsors

The companies that support our team to run each season and are helping us promote a bright future for STEM in Australia. 

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These notes describe the process for creating a rich text email for distribution of notices and updates to sponsors and supporters. The process consists of three stages: prepare environment; construct HTML file; construct and send email.

Prepare environment

  1. Download and install Kompozer HTML Editor from here:
  2. Download and install Sendblaster from here:
  3. Download sample zip file from HERE and expand in a temporary directory

Construct HTML file

  1. Start Kompozer
  2. If "Kompozer Tips" window pops up, select "Close"
  3. Select "File' > "Open File"
  4. Navigate to the select one of the sample ic-email-template-XX.html files that you download in the previous section
  5. Select "File" > "Save As"
  6. At the "Page Title" window select "OK"
  7. At the "Save Page As" window enter a new file name (e.g. "icrobotics.2015octnewsemail.html") and select "OK"
  8. Edit the text in the sample file, delete excess rows or add extra rows if you need to
  9. Add images by locating cursor where you want the image to go then select "Insert" > "Image". In the "Image Location" field browse to the image file that you want to use. In the "Alternate Text" field enter a couple of words to describe the image then select "OK" (use jpeg format images in preference to png as this compresses to smaller file sizes, try to keep image resolution down, aim for overall email size below 0.5MB)
  10. Use the "Preview" tab to see what the email will look like when sent
  11. When you are ready, select "File" > "Save" then "File" > "Exit"

Construct and send email

  1. Start SendBlaster, select "Use Free Version"
  2. If the "Tip of the day" window pops up then select "Close"
  3. Select "Messages" > "Compose Message" > "Open" > "Import HTML from external file"
  4. Select the file that you created in the previous section then "OK"
  5. Select "Text from HTML" to populate plain text section
  6. Set "Subject" = "i c robotics - test message" (or whatever you need it to be)
  7. Select "Save" > "Save as" to save *.eml file
  8. Select "Lists and Addresses" > "Manage Lists"
  9. Use the "Delete" button to remove the sample email addresses from the "TEST" distribution list
  10. Use the "Add" button to add your own email address to the TEST distribution list
  11. Select "Messages" > "Send"
  12. Set ...
    • "Sender email address" = "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.")
    • "Sender name" to your user name (e.g. "Zaphod Beeblebrox")
    • "SMTP Server" = ""
    • "Port" = "25"
    • (NOTE: these SMTP settings are for the gmail SMTP servers and will allow you to send emails between gmail accounts only, to send emails to non-gmail accounts and/or use an alternative SMTP server you will need to provide different details along with a user name and password - refer to your ISP web site for the correct SMTP settings)
  13. Select "Connection test" (this will confirm that you can connect to your email service)
  14. Select "Send"